In-App descriptive text



In VoiceOver ON, please read the expression ‘tap screen’ as ‘double tap on screen’.

1. Overview

The App recognizes yellow Braille block and black color railroad track. You can also check the direction you are facing.

I will explain Braille block. When you lose sight of yellow Braille block or want to investigate the route ahead, stop and tap the screen. It can not be used while walking. It tells the route by voice, such as the presence and direction of the nearby Braille block, turn to the right, turn to the left, branch off etc. Warning block can also be detected. The recognition range is from 3 meters to 4 meters from your foot. Since it may not be recognized correctly, please use while checking the safety with a cane. You can not recognize Braille block that is not yellow or outdated discolored. It is assumed to be used primarily in station premises or platform. Please use with careful attention to obstacles, stairs, steps, edges of platform, movement of people.

Next I will explain the recognition of railroad track. When it detects a track, it first sounds an alarm tone, and following the transmission of the detection result of Braille block, it tells by voice ‘Railroad track ahead, Please be careful.’
Please use it to check a railroad track at a station platform. However, depending on the situation, you can not recognize a railroad track, or a black line (not a railroad track) may be recognized as a track. Also, in places other than stations, it may react to various black lines.

Next, I will explain about the direction of east west south and north, you can check the direction your iPhone is facing, but it may not be able to show the correct direction under the influence of the surrounding magnetic field.

2. Preparation

Please unlock the silent mode or use earphones and turn on VoiceOver. You can also use VoiceOver OFF.

When you start the App, a solid cover screen will be displayed without showing the camera screen. Tap the ‘Explanation and Screen’ button to display the explanation screen. Next, tap the button to display the camera screen. And next tap to display the cover screen. I will display three screens in order. It informs you to switch the display by voice. You can execute the App on the cover screen or the camera screen.

In order to investigate the direction, beforehand, turn on ‘use True North by iPhone setting-> compass’.

Finally check whether the cover of your iPhone case etc. is blocking the lens of the camera please.

3. Execute

Hold the iPhone in portrait, with the home button down and the iPhone at an angle of 25 ° to 46 ° with respect to the ground. There is the instruction by voice with redoing. By tapping the place to be pronounced ‘image’ other than the button on the screen, it informs the result by voice. Results are also displayed in letters at the bottom of the screen.

There is no shutter sound and no flash because of the consideration of the surrounding people.

To check the azimuth, tap the direction button at the left bottom of the screen. Adjustment of the compass requires calibration. Hold the iPhone in your hand and turn around your wrist many times.

4. Caution!

Because sometimes, there are misrecognition in output of the App due to lighting environment and other yellow objects, please use the App only for reference. As examples of misrecognition, there are the following cases. Recognizing the Braille block of the platform beyond the railroad, recognizing the pillar on the platform and the line of the body of the train, etc.

Railroad recognition may be incorrect as well, so please use it for reference only. Azimuth is greatly affected by the magnetic field emitted by a train and the like, so it gets crazy at the station.

Finally, Developer can not be responsibile for accidents, etc. by using the App. So be careful and use the App.”;