The evolution of the system



Since 2009, I have studied about the theme “Recognition System of clothing color and pattern for visually impaired persons”. This study has developed and evolved year by year. As a result the App “Examine Clothes Color” has been produced. Next, the development and evolution of the system is shown.

* The relevant papers can be found in the Profile page.

Off-line Digital Camera System The relevant paper [1]

This system, with a cover to a digital camera, has a mechanism to photograph with a flash light in its internal. The inside of the cover is white color. The camera is not connected to a computer. I carried out basic research to analyze color information of an image and to process it by this system.

On-line Digital Camera System The international conference [1]

In this system, a USB camera with a cover is connected to a computer. The system outputs color and pattern of clothes in voice as soon as photographing. A ring light is installed inside the cover, and used for lighting. Multiple reflectors are installed inside the cover in order to suppress specular reflection and to cause diffuse reflection.


Smartphone System with a cover The relevant paper [2]

The system is built into the smartphone (iPhone). A cover is put on the smartphone. Lighting is the torch lamp of the iPhone. Standard white plate is installed to the bottom of the cover in order to correct color.

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Smartphone System using environmental light The relevant paper [2]

The system without a cover recognizes color by using environment light. ColorChecker 24 charts as reference are installed in the system in order to correct color. The reference is photographed together clothes to seek correction function that is suitable for the environment light. The system also uses the iPhone torch lamp in order to compensate for the insufficient amount of light.


Smartphone System with no reference “Examine Clothes Color”
The relevant paper[3]

The system does not use the reference in order to improve convenience of users. It uses a flash light for lighting. Correction function has been obtained previously by using the ColorChecker. The advantage of the system is that color and pattern of clothes can be properly output, because the photographing area is spread by separating the camera about 40cm from clothes.